Keg coupler -KeyKeg

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Keg coupler -KeyKeg
# KK114CA2400

Part #: KK114CA2400
Stainless steel with F1 handle. For KeyKeg. Adapter to make it possible to use standard connections for gas inlet on KeyKeg coupler.
Please note: This coupler do not have any built in non return valve on the gas inlet.


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 Instructions - Connecting and recycling

Video - KeyKeg connecting and degassing


SystemG -KeyKeg
MaterialStainless steel
Replacement Parts
ItemPart #DescriptionUnitAvail. 
1 102-539 Main gasket -A,G,M, KeyKeg-system Pcs. In Stock
2 112-897 Non return valve -probe Pcs. In Stock
3 112-480 Pin -F1 handle Pcs. In Stock
4 762-113/F001 Handle -F1 Pcs. In Stock
5 102-580 O-ring -KeyKeg-system Pcs. Out of Stock
6 112-711 O-ring -Keg coupler KeyKeg Pcs. Out of Stock
7 122-374 Handle -KeyKeg coupler, red plastic Pcs. In Stock
8 112-942 Non-return valve -adapter, KeyKeg Pcs. In Stock
9 122-385 O-ring -Ø14 x Ø1.25 Pcs. In Stock
10 405-071 Adapter -gas inlet, KeyKeg Pcs. In Stock