Font range

Below we proudly present our range of beer towers.
These fonts are our standard range but please feel free to challenge us with your vision. 
On the bottom of the page you can get inspiration by our custom made towers.

Standard Font Range





VM Tower


Stainless Steel



Cast Iron


Bech Flex

Slideshows custom towers

Micro Matic has established its reputation in the industry as a leading provider of draft dispensing equipment. We have created uniquely crafted draft towers to fit the most discriminating bars for world-class hotels, restaurants, clubs, and venues. In addition to producing custom components for your draft system, we offer a wide range of products to complete the installation.
We are committed to providing maximum quality and value within the budget, technical and schedule requirements of your project. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you in the planning, design, product specification, and installation phases of your project.
  • Custom Beer Towers

    Custom Beer Towers

  • Thru Wall

    Through the wall