Python -2+2+1 in 50m coil event

Python -2+2+1 in 50m coil event
# FG MM032.28

Part #: FG MM032.28
With 3 Product lines 2 x 22mmx16mm + 1 x 1/2"x3/8" and 2 Circulation lines 15mmx12mm.



Product lines
No. of Product lines3
Material type Product lines1xSuperflexmaster + 2xBrewmaster 2
Dimensions Product lines1 x 1/2"x3/8" + 2 x 22x16mm
Circulation lines
No. of Circulation lines2
Material Circulation linesBrewmaster 2
Dimensions Circulation lines15x12mm
Other specifications
Fire ratingSelf extinguishing to BS3924, Cass 1 fire rating when applied to insulation
Insulation thickness19mm
Total outer diameter80mm
Coil size50m
Outer finishBlack PVC Tape